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2022 Centurion Fi23

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  2022 Fi23                                                                                                                           

 Length: 23'

Beam: 102"

Draft: 32"

Fuel Capacity: 81 gal

People Capacity: 14 

Dry Weight:5300 lbs

Engine                                                                  CenturionPower by GM Marine Freshwater Cooled HO 6.0L/450lb- ft/1.72:1GR/1.25" DS

Engine Options                                                     EngineFlush Kit w/ Remote Mount (STD)

Engine Options                                                     EngineIntake Water Strainer (STD)

Gel Coat Scheme                                                  Slice

Hull Main Front                                                      GunMetal Flake MF

Hull Accent (N/Aon Core Scheme)                     FireRed Metal Flake MF

Hull Base                                                                Charcoal

Fiberglass SwimStep                                           FireRed Metal Flake MF

Tower                                                                     BattleAdvance Tower by Roswell (Black)

Tower Accent                                                         GunMetal Flake MF

Tower Two-toneAccent                                       FireRed Metal Flake MF

01a Decal STD                                                       Fi-styleBLACK Chrome Raised "Centurion" Decals 2 on Fi23 Windshield/Fi21 Deck

UpholsteryScheme                                              AllHex

Upholstery Main                                                    Charcoal

Upholstery Base                                                    Charcoal

Upholstery HexAccent                                         OnyxBlack

Upholstery Welt                                                    TooRed

UpholsteryStitching Accent                                UpholsteryStitching Black

Dash Accent                                                          TooRed

Dash StitchingAccent                                          DashStitching Accent - Black

Interior SidePanel                                                FireRed Metal Flake MF

Gator StepFlooring Scheme                               GatorStep 3-Color Centurion Cut

Gator Step 1stColor Top (N/A on Standard Floor)

GS Shark Fin

Gator Step 2ndColor Middle                               GSBlack

Gator Step 3rdColor Bottom (N/A on 2-Color Floor)

GS Cardinal

Stereo                                                                     CenturionChamp System by Wet Sounds w/1 pair BLACK Pro Rev10 Wet Sounds Tower Spkrs, Integrated ICE Stereo, AM/FM USB On-Screen Controls, 8" BLACK Interior Spkrs and12" Sub

Stereo Options                                                      WetSounds Centurion Champ Tower Speaker Cover Set

Tower Accessories                                               BombShell2.0 BLACK Strapless Racks by Roswell Swivel Lower Mount

Telematics                                                              Osmosis- Centurion RECON

Wake SportsOptions                                           BowTank (STD)

Wake SportsOptions                                           Plug-N-PlayBow Ballast Bag

Wake SportsOptions                                           Plug-N-PlayRear Ballast Bags

Wake SportsOptions                                           Plug-N-PlayRear TRANSOM Ballast Bag w/ Trunk and Lid

Wake SportsOptions                                           QuickSurfPro System

Wake SportsOptions                                           RAMFILL2 "The Baller" (replaces pumped sub-floor ballast)

Wake Plate Options                                              Centurion"Silent Stinger" Wake Plate w/ Forced Water Induction to Disperse Exhaust and Reduce Noise

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